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Random Beer Garden is located near Boerne Lake. Right now, food trucks are very popular in San Antonio. This has been my family’s favorite food truck park of the various ones we have visited. Check their website for which trucks will be featured each night. The selection on Saturday included pizza, cajun, tex-mex and seafood. We ordered the five cheese pizza from Z’s Wood Fired Pizza and it was delicious! Random also has 80 craft beers on tap. The selection is pretty impressive even to my beer snob of a husband. For you non-beer drinkers, they have a wine selection as well. The set-up is fantastic for kids and families. When we went, there was a slide and bouncy structure set up. Pets are very welcome as well. On Fridays and Saturdays, there is live music. Overall, the atmosphere is really enjoyable and unique. Random is great for a date night, dinner with the family or a chance to let the kids bounce out all their energy while mom and dad enjoy a drink.

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