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Farmers markets are a great place to bring your family and find local goods. Whether you come for the ambiance or to purchase fresh produce, kids and parents alike will enjoy Saturday mornings at the Pearl Brewery. Some of the things available to buy: tamales, baked goods, natural soaps, organic produce, fresh eggs and meat. On this particular day, we enjoyed some tasty muffins while letting the kids draw with chalk and dance to the live music.


If your child enjoys animals or has been deprived of a pet like my daughter, they will appreciate the opportunity to squeal “Puppy!” over the sight of every furry friend. The nearby section of the Riverwalk also serves as a gorgeous place to get some exercise.

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I’m really excited by the potential this setting provides for teaching kids about healthy eating, particularly trying new fruits and vegetables. Right now, you can find broccoli, brussel sprouts, carrots, kale, spinach, etc. I suggest letting kids pick out a new vegetable to take home and try. Teaching nutrition is such a vital yet overlooked aspect of raising healthy kids. However, the extent of our lessons in healthy eating usually consist of “Eat your vegetables so you can have dessert”. But what about helping kids understand what it means to eat a balanced meal?

For this activity, I suggest setting aside at least one week of encouraging your kids to keep track of their eating. Pick up some fresh veggies on Saturday so that you can incorporate them throughout the week. You can use one of these charts as a guide. Either let kids place a sticker for each portion or use tally marks to keep track.

This chart is for ages 4-8 years: Ages 4-8 Food Chart

For all other ages, here is a chart where you can write in the recommended daily amount:

All Ages Food Chart

Here is a portion guide to use as well: Portion Guide

Of course, this chart is just a very basic guide and not nearly all inclusive. A great resource for more information is the Choose My Plate website.

Another idea is making a chart for trying new foods and let them rate the things they try. Give them a goal and see how this approach helps with picky eating habits.


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