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Editor’s Note: What follows are five writings submitted by area youngsters ages 4 to 17 for the “My Kid’s a Great Writer” contest sponsored by Our Kids magazine. While grammar was one factor in judging, it was not the sole issue used in determining which articles would be featured in the magazine. Content, imagination and the writer’s ability to pull the reader into his or her piece were important factors as well.


In the following pieces, young writers share some of their innermost thoughts and feelings as well as their imaginations and storytelling abilities. We hope readers will appreciate the bravery, thought, work and messages conveyed by each writer. We thank all the writers for submitting work for this first young people’s writing contest. Also, we salute the parents who encouraged them and look forward to reading more entries in the next contest. Keep reading Our Kids for details of future writing contests.



Can You Imagine?

Can you imagine being a 4-year-old girl, taken from the only place you ever knew as a real home and being placed in a home full of strangers just three years later? Can you?  My life went from being messed up to being ruined.


My mother thought that drugs were the only things that could keep her stable. I saw my mother go through the setbacks of using cocaine to almost overdosing right in front of me. But even with all of the pain and misfortune that the use of drugs brought to my family, my mom still didn’t stop what she was doing. It got so bad, that when I was 6 years old my mom took me on one of her “drug runs.” She ended up not having enough money and tried to sell me so she could have what she needed. She didn’t care what happened to me as long as she got her “snack!” Thank God my Grandma followed my mom out the house, because if it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t be here today. The pain didn’t stop there, in fact, it got worse.You see, that day there was just one kid with my mother, but back at home there were 12 more (yes all by the same mother and father). But that’s not the problem. The biggest problem was her trying to feed all 12 mouths at once.

There were times when we didn’t even have food on the table for days, weeks, or months at a time because my mom didn’t feel like going to work. I was young so I really didn’t understand why my mom would do these things. I thought it was because she missed our dad, but that wasn’t it at all. It was because she truly didn’t care what happened to us.


The day we were placed in foster care, I have to say, was the best day in my life. I didn’t know it at the time. I thought that they were taking us to punish my mom because of how she was acting. But that wasn’t the case. A couple of years later, my Mom gave up her rights, and we were now the state’s kids.


Being a foster child is not a bad thing. Yes, we are not with anyone in our family. Yes, we have to have different rules. But it’s to keep us safe. Some people think that being in foster care makes us different. But then they wake up to a little thing called ‘Reality,’ and they start to realize that we’re the same as everyone else. People used to tell me, “You’re not gonna make it in life.”  But I guess I proved them wrong. I am now in the 12th grade and about to be on my own in four months. Its crazy how I went from being a scared and confused little girl to a whole other person in just a few years.


Dion, 17, Medina Valley High School


Musca the Kitten Travels Around the World
One day Musca the kitten dreamed of traveling around  the world. The very next day Musca went outside, she collected leaves and twigs and got some sand.  She made a beautiful hot air balloon. Musca had two big problems, first she did not have a match, second her enemy Ver, the flying pig, will be sneaking around. Musca saw a match, and she ran off to the balloon and set off  to Mexico. It was steaming hot! Musca jumped out and scampered to a market tent. The owner screamed. Musca felt bad. Meanwhile, at the balloon Ver popped the balloon with a needle. Musca wanted to go somewhere else.

Musca’s eyes were wide open. How can I get home she thought. She turned her head and saw a plane! Musca wandered around the  plane; suddenly the  plane door closed! Musca let out a loud meow! The junior pilot looked to see who made that loud meow. When the junior pilot saw Musca, Musca ran and landed the  plane! Musca looked out. She was in Alaska on an iceberg in the middle of nowhere! She did not want to swim but that was her only choice. She put one paw in the water and  the rest in the freezing  cold water! Then Musca saw land she coughed while she struggled to land. She saw something. It was an igloo! She felt warm in the igloo.
Then she heard footsteps. She huddled in a ball. Nothing happened then the door closed it must be Ver, she whispered. She tried to move it but the snowball was to strong. She felt like fainting! Then she remembered she could dig. She dug right out. She walked, then saw a speed boat. She got home just in time for supper – fish  and  mice!


Anastasia, 8, Wetmore Elementary School

A Poem: Stereotypical

People who you meet aren’t always who they say they are

The difference between what you see and what is real is far

You get labeled and branded for something you do

The labels and brands are not even you

Ridiculed for staying in your comfort zone

Called emo for wanting to stay alone

There’s always the girl who has to hide her smile

The guy who’s tired of trying to stay in style

The popular kid that hates to be mean

The “loner” that wishes he had self-esteem

The kid that wishes they were somebody else

The girl who’s tired of not being herself

There’s always another side to everyone you meet

They’ve all made choices they wish they could delete

Sometimes we have to put the world on hold

To decide how to break the status quo.


Tori, 13, Saint Monica



The Sweetens Best Independence Day

It was July 3rd, in Oklahoma, but not only July 3rd, it was busy for the Sweetens! The family sat at their table talking. What is happening, Mrs. Sweeten shouted. Tomorrow was Kendal’s birthday, Karen’s parade, Sara’s drawing contest, and America’s Birthday! A big week Sara said. She laughed, I have an idea! Dad said, Kendal and Karen tape Sara’s drawing contest and show us when we are home. Then Kendal you can also run our Independence Party.  But I don’t know how to country party, Kendal said.  On July 4th, Dad will take Karen to her parade.  At Sara’s drawing contest she colored an American Flag, an apartment, an English cottage, and a family portrait. She won the gold medal! Yay, her sisters said!  At Karen’s parade she had awesome costumes. For her first costume, she wore a red, white, and blue swim suit, sparkly wristband, and white shoes with mini American flags. Her second costume was a colonial dress complete with a bonnet. It was the best 4th of July ever!! THE END!!


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