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Divorce is a word a young child will never fully understand. Divorce affects kids in the immediate short term, leaving them feeling isolated, anxious and lost.

Kids First Parents Second is a San Antonio based organization dedicated to help kids cope with life during and after their parent’s divorce. Kids First Parents Second takes a three prong approach, to 1. Help kids understand what divorce means, 2. Give kids an avenue to express their feelings, 3. Provide resources to help give kids coping skills to adapt to their new environment.


  1. Explaining the situation – Mommy Daddy Troubles

Kids First Parents Second published its first kids book “Mommy Daddy Troubles” in August of 2014. The first book has been written to help kids understand their parent’s divorce. The book allows kids to understand 1. That divorce is not their fault, 2. That divorce does not mean that kids will lose their relationship with either parent, 3. That parent’s, like fruit, sometimes just don’t mix, 4. That kids, just like their parents, need to express their feelings and concerns.

  1. Letting Kids Share Their Feelings

Kids First Parents Second has created a path to courage, which is a series of help sheets that allow kids the opportunity to address their feelings and concerns. One sheet, “I have a Question” lets kids ask whatever is on their mind. The purpose of the help sheets is to create talking points for parent.

  1. Finding positive and fun ways to express their feelings

Kids also might just want to draw, pictures in fact say a thousand words. Kids First Parents Second invites our kids to express themselves in art so we can understand and share what big challenges our little’s ones face.

For more information about our seminars, please contact Robin Pittman, Director of Development at 210-224-1667.  Seminars will be held at the Law Office of Matt Sossi, at 6800 Park Ten Blvd #232-E, San Antonio, Texas 78213.


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