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I typically write about unique places and things to do in San Antonio. But once in a while, I like to think of ways to reinvent typical tourist attractions or keep the kids entertained while going about the daily routine. It can be useful to combine necessary errands with fun activities.

Lately, I’ve been working with my daughter on learning the letters of the alphabet. This is such a fundamental step in children’s education but it takes time for kids to conquer letter recognition. One idea I came up with to help reinforce what we are learning is to go on an alphabet scavenger hunt. Think about it, letters are everywhere. Whether it be on giant billboards or labels in the grocery store, our every day errands can be a great opportunity to educate or challenge our kids.

For younger kids who are just beginning to learn the alphabet, I recommend going slowly. Seek out one or two new letters at a time until they become familiar. For example, we visited the giant letters spelling out ‘NORTH STAR’ at the mall. It also serves a cute photo op especially if your child’s name starts with one of the letters.


My daughter still remembers the giant ‘A’ whenever we pass by. Shopping centers are a really great place for finding large, easy to recognize letters on signs and buildings.  If your child is a little older and has become familiar with most of the letters, you can go on a scavenger hunt and mark off each letter as you find it.

For kids who are well past learning their ABC’s, you can pose an entirely different challenge. Have them look for “hidden” letters. For example, the ‘O’ in the design of this trash can.


Downtown is an excellent place for this or have them keep a running tally over a period of time. Let them take pictures to document their findings. They can even use this to turn into some really cool name art!  Here’s a link that will give you some great examples:


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