Utopia Play Cafe


Ladies, believe me when I say that this place is a big deal. We’re talking Starbucks finally adds an indoor playground! Except instead of Starbucks, its called Utopia Play Cafe. And instead of yelling over the sound of children screaming, you can actually hear the other person.

I am so thrilled to share this place with all of the moms out there! Utopia Play Cafe is brand new to San Antonio and bursting with potential. The concept is to give moms a chance to work, connect, and/or relax with minimal separation from their kids. The newly renovated building has been separated into two sections. One side is a coffee shop and cafe for moms or other caregivers. The children’s space is complete with a train table, dress up box, inflatable bouncy house and other fun toys to entertain a range of ages. Parents will be able to drop off children for hourly increments and then have the option to enjoy the cafe or run errands. The kids will be thoroughly entertained with crafts and fun activities provided by a warm and knowledgeable staff. I see this as an excellent opportunity to be utilized for several different purposes. If you work from home or own a small business, this is the perfect way to get work done without interruption. For stay at home moms, here’s your chance to make new connections with other moms or catch up with a friend over coffee and some delicious baked goods. Also, you can feel confident leaving your children here during those errands for which they cannot be present. Or heck, you could even go shopping without someone crawling under the dressing room at the most inopportune moment. The possibilities are endless!

The cafe will be serving up some yummy treats from BIRD bakery, nutrient rich juices from Crave Market as well as a nice selection of sandwiches and salads. Other exciting things that you can look forward to are parent’s nights out, story times, yoga classes and a variety of other activities.


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