The Unicorn Party


A Magical Birthday Idea

Looking for a party idea where the kids can get their bling on, horse around with their friends and have a magical time? If your child loves unicorns, we have a party plan that will knock their horseshoes off.

What to serve:
1. Rainbow Grilled Cheese – Use white cheese like Swiss or mozzarella or combo of the two. Divide into four or five zippered bags and add 3-5 drops of food coloring. Seal and shake to spread color. Place cheese in rows of color or mixed up for a swirly look. Cook grilled cheese as normal.

2. Unicorn Nachos – Similar to walking tacos, use bags of Bugle corn chips and add cheese, ground beef, tomatoes, avocados or whichever nacho toppings you like best.

3. Rainbow Drinks – Add food coloring or candy sprinkles to ice cube tray and fill will water. When frozen, serve with light colored drinks like Sprite, lemonade or white grape juice.

4. Unicorn Ice Cream Cones – Add vanilla frosting to the outside of ice cream cones and roll in sprinkles. Fill with your favorite ice cream or fruit flavored yogurt for a cool, sweet treat.

Get Crafty:
1. Unicorn Horse Shoes – You will find unfinished horseshoes on Oriental trading 12 for $5.19 or Amazon 48 for $12. Decorate with paint, hot glue, glue dots and the bling of your choice. Put wall hangers on the open end of the shoe so when you hang it, the luck doesn’t run out.

2. Unicorn Garden – Purchase a terra cotta saucer, fill with coffee grounds, fish tank rocks or sand. Add moss for grass, a mini wooden bird house and mini unicorn. Decorate with colored stones or jewels. You can also paint the bird house or saucer to give it personal touch.

3. Unicorn Hat – Choose a gold or silver party hat from the party store. Decorate with long ribbons, fabric, jewels, foam or felt. Add your unique Unicorn Name to the hat with a name generator like

Play Some Games:
1. Unicorn Horn – Bling up five plastic traffic cones to look like unicorn horns. Place in a row and let players use bean bags to try to knock them over or toss the bean bag to land on the top of the horn.

2. Find the Unicorn – Similar to an Easter egg hunt, hide paper, stuffed or plastic unicorns around the party area. Place numbers on each unicorn to match with a prize. You can also use the pieces from a unicorn puzzle and see which team can gather and put the pieces together first.

3. Unicorn Rubber Duck Water Race – You can find unicorn themed rubber ducks at the party store. Move them down the race course by either squirting with water gun, blowing on them or sending them down a creek. Put numbers or names on them to see who winner is.

4. Hopper Ball Unicorn Race – Purchase two hopper balls and decorate to look like unicorn. Have the kids race from A to B. You can also use the traffic cones from the Unicorn Horn game and let the racers weave around them for an added challenge.

Party Favors:
Amazon offers Unicorn horn bath bomb molds. Create a simple bath bomb with a cup of Epsom salt, a cup of cornstarch, 3 tablespoons of coconut oil. Add a few drops of essential oils and/or food coloring. Mix together. Spray inside of molds with cooking spray or rub with coconut oil. Start packing molds tightly. When half way filled, you can add a small plastic toy surprise in the middle. Continue to pack until full. Let dry for 48 hours before removing.

To add to the party favor bag, pick up some eye masks, lip balm and hand cream. Place in a party bag large enough to hold all their crafts.
Make it a party to remember:

If you are looking to make your child’s party the talk of the playground, why not hire some help? You can rent live white horses/unicorns to come for a photo shoot with the birthday child and guests. Check out your local cosmetology schools for students to come in and braid the kids’ hair with ribbons. Hire a face painter to create a unicorn eye mask and horn on the party guests.

Pam Molnar is a writer, mother of three and avid party planner. For more party ideas, follow her at Pam’s Party Printables.


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