Shower Them With Laughter: Seven Fun and Easy Baby Shower Games


Your best friend is having her first baby, and you have been assigned to the planning committee. The theme is based on her choice of décor for the nursery and her mom is handling the food, leaving you with the task of entertaining. Don’t let this party go down as just another baby shower. Loosen up the partygoers by engaging everyone in games and watch the laughter flow.

1. Famous parents. It is always good to start with an icebreaker and this game gives the guests a chance to mingle. As your guests arrive, place a sticker on their back naming one half of famous couple with children. The guests need to figure out whom they are by asking each other questions and then go find their mate. Examples include: Michelle and Jim Bob (Duggar), Brad and Angelina or Jon and Kate (Plus 8).

2. Find the binky. Fill a diaper bag with items you would expect to find inside (and maybe a few things you wouldn’t) like bottles, diaper pad, bottles, jar food, blankets, etc. Bury a pacifier deep inside the bag. Challenge the women to find the pacifier quickly (after all, the baby is crying loudly in public) without taking anything out of the bag. Keep track of everyone’s time and award a prize to the fastest mom. When the game is over, give the contents of the bag to the new mom.

3. Don’t stick the baby. Purchase cloth diapers, diaper pins and pink or blue round balloons. Blow up the balloons and add baby faces with markers. Test the diapering skills of the party guests by asking them to put a diaper on the baby – without sticking them with a pin and popping the balloon. This is harder than it looks.

4. Baby food taste test. Purchase selections of baby food jars or make your own baby food for a little more variety. Place the baby food inside disposable diapers and cover the diaper to hide the surprise inside. Number the diapers and ask everyone to guess the baby food based on smell or taste. A prize goes to the most accurate taster.

5. Don’t break your water. This is a warm weather, outdoor game. Fill several water balloons and have your guests compete in a relay race. The object is to carry your water balloon between your knees and walk quickly from point A to point B without breaking your water. The team with the most filled water balloons at the end of the race is the winner.

6. Who will the baby look like? Make 8 ½-inch-by-11-inch color copies of each parent’s face. Supply each guest with a blank piece of paper. Using scissors and glue, cut out the parts of the parent’s face to make a composite of what the baby will look like. Feel free to embellish with markers or crayons. Put the face on a stick and take a group picture with the parents-to-be.

7. Baby Pictionary – Make a stack of cards with names of baby animals like kid, filly and joey. Using a dry erase board or large sheets of paper on an easel, each person has to identify the parent animal and draw it for the others to guess. Steer away from common names like pup or calf that are used for several different animals.

Pam Molnar is a freelance writer and mother of three. She believes the fastest way to take a party from Average to Awesome is to pull out the games.


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