San Pedro Springs Park


20140805_112404This is a review of the park itself.

Despite the fact that we intended to swim in the springs, it seems I did not look at the correct hours. However, in the spirit of adventure, we decided to explore the park.

The grounds are beautiful. Huge trees abound that are uncharacteristic of most San Antonio parks. We found a little garden, interesting grotto type structure and lots of trees to climb around on. I fully intend to come back here, it’s a great place to spread out a blanket and relax.

As far as feeling safe bringing children here, there were no instances that caused me to feel unsafe. However, being the overly cautious person I am, I can see potential for shady behavior especially in certain areas of the park. But there were also other families and moms who regularly stroll through the park with their children that made me feel safe enough to certainly return.



Kid friendly: 4/5

Pet friendly: 4/5

Wallet friendly: 5/5

Stroller friendly: 2/5

Energy level: 3/5

Safety level: 3/5



Author: Alyssa Journey

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