Holiday Spending Tips


Families are projected to spend an average of nearly $800 on gifts this holiday season. However, if you don’t have a plan, you’ll easily spend more money than you expect.
To keep the holidays from wrecking your finances this year, Dave Ramsey, financial expert and nationally syndicated radio show host, is introducing the online budgeting tool “My Christmas Budget.” The tool is designed to keep shoppers from going over budget.
The tool allows you to enter the names of individuals you plan to buy gifts for and the amount you want to spend on that individual. It then calculates the amount under budget or overspent. You have the option of printing the budget or e-mailing it to yourself. There is even an area where you can enter purchases made per individual. The program calculates how much more, if any, you can spend on that individual based on the budget you created.
The budgeting tool is free and a personalized link can be saved to a computer or phone, or print the budget to take with you when shopping.
Ramsey also offers consumers tips on the questions to ask before buying a gift. Visit to read about these tips. To check out the budgeting tool go to


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