truck10 Reasons Why to Advertise with Our Kids Magazine

1. Our Distribution

Our Kids Magazine is distributed to All HEB’s, All Public Libraries, All Jim’s Restaurants, All Whole Foods, All Military Bases, Retail, Schools and Daycare Centers, Doctors offices and Hospitals, Events, Lessons and Classes and Activities locations. Also distributed in Bulverde, Boerne, Schertz/Cibolo, Universal City, New Braunfels, Bandera, Castroville, Hondo, Devine, Lacrose, Natalia and Lytle.
So in and around San Antonio, we got you covered!

2. We reach the preferred target audience of our advertisers.

By having such a large circulation we are able to distributed to as many locations we have and reach the San Antonio families as our target audience. We have been around since 1985 and through the year have built a loyal readership of 100,000 strong monthly.

3. Our Pick Up Rate

Our Kids Magazine has a audited pick up rate over 98% each month, which means San Antonio families love Our Kids and are on the look out for the next issue. Our Magazine distribution is professionally controlled and locations are checked ever  weeks to restock magazines that contributes to our high pick up rate.

4. Our Kids is Audited

Being audited by Certified Verification Council is the proof your getting the circulation we quote and the exposure you need. CVC verify the amount of magazines  printed, the distribution and pick up rate.

5. We Publish Every Month.

Advertisers can time their message or marketing strategy in each ad monthly and take advantage of the special sections we have through out the year whether it be camps, parties, summer activities, schools or fieldtrips.

6. Our Kids is read from cover-to-cover, stays in the home for future reference and is picked up frequently.

Because our kids publishes informative articles on the key issues of the day, it has become trusted by parents as being the go to resource for San Antonio families. We offer readers a wide range of editorial features by professional writers in every issue, so that advertisers can be sure that their ads are read and are respected. Our family friendly calendar is also one of the most comprehensive in town and is kept at home to reference back all month long.

7. Our Kids Ad to Edit Ratios

Advertising clutter is at a minimum thanks to careful placement of ads beside editorial. A higher editorial-to-ad ratio design gives our advertisers a greater chance to be seen and read.

8. Editorial Integrity

Readers and advertisers can trust that what we publish is never, ever compromised.
We do not publish advertorials, we don’t trade ads for articles and we don’t invite advertisers to write about themselves or promote their business in the magazine. In that way, readers can trust our independence from our advertisers, and advertisers can be sure we are not giving special treatment to other advertisers.

9. Our Kids printed in a magazine format and NOT a small digest booklet.

Advertising in a magazine format gives both your ad and our editorial content more impact and attention in every issue. With such good content, our magazine is carried around for parents to share with parents or read at their on leisure all month long.

10. We do not discount ads in our magazine, ever.

Our advertising prices reflect the worth and value of our product. Consequently, we cannot discount our product. We do offer lower rates for frequent advertisers which are printed clearly on our rate card. Each of our advertisers can be confident that no other advertiser is getting a better deal than they are.
Our rates are priced to reach the maximum amount of families than any other parenting geared publication in or around San Antonio.
Age old saying still rings true “You get what you pay for.”

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